Trust is a rare mineral mined from the ores of the heart

Beware of these

The Devil’s Agents have been specially trained to smile and laugh with you whiles they are “doing you” be there and don’t learn how to discern

In the Secret place

He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty Psalm 91:1 Dwelling in the secret Place is a special coordinate For you.. A body cast a shadow of itself. So say your secret place can be the shadow of the head of Christ Spiritual positioning……


“With silver grasp that see hard earned trust to dust of ground, The deceit of a double faced man is forever eyed and marked” -Nicholas Nii-Otoo Doku

Fe Fi Fo Fum💔

Fe Fi Fo Fum… I smell the blood of a heartbreak. The hotshot, oh the soft spot you wanted to fall on.. Bed of roses you think every heart is… You wanted your hearts to resonate at the same frequency… Ha! What happened mighty human.. Human blood hounds sniff the scent of your brokenness and…